At a Coffee Shop near you

Happy Thursday, friends.

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It’s my last morning sitting at my favourite Starbucks before I fly back to the uncomfortable humidity of Malaysia later tonight.  Thinking about it is making me sweat already.

IMG_2867 (1).jpg
My happy place.  

People always ask me why I’m at coffee shops so often, especially those attached to a bookstore.  I get confused by this question.  What’s not to love?  Chai tea lattes?  Yes.  Books?  Yes.  All of the above plus getting semi-productive while people watching?  Yaaaaassssss.  Pretty much what I’ve just told you is that I’m a caffeinated, nerdy creep.  I’m okay with that.

While some baristas might be really thinking this way …


… I hope they at least know that I appreciate their efficiency and when they spell my name correctly.  I promise I’ll fix my resting bitch face when that drink finally gets in me.

Real talk though, have you ever sat at a coffee shop, restaurant or wherever, and wondered what everyone else’s stories are?  Over the break, I’ve been here a lot.  It’s basically my churchbut with music and better coffee.  And yes, I do talk to God-as-I-know-Him/Her here.  Every time I scribble in my journal.  We’re homies.  #therealOG

When I’m not reading and/or writing, I sit and observe while sipping on my go-to caffeinated beverages.  In case you ever want to order me anything, Chai Tea Lattes or lattes, in general, are the safest bets.  Thank you in advance!  As I sit and watch, I feel my heart filling with warmth and curiosity.  I’ve seen people meeting their partner’s parents here for the first time, students and professionals of all levels studying and working away, old friends meeting up over the holidays sharing joyful hugs and their latest news, new friendships beginning at communal tables, first dates, and all kinds of other human connections.  I love it all.

Throughout most of my adult life, many important and sometimes insane, life-altering decisions have been, and continue to be made, at a coffee shop near me.  Career choices, next destination, future goals, thoughts on love and relationships, class content, packing lists, dinner options, etc … like I said, all of the important decisions.

Breakfast for dinner … it’s always been you.


Next time you find yourself in a coffee shop, I challenge you to take a second to look around.  You could be watching someone in the midst of a breakthrough.

At the very least, get off your device for a little bit and just take it all in.

What do you notice?